Our Philosophy



The underpinning of our philosophy is The Montessori Method, founded by Dr. Maria Montessori. The three fundamental principles of The Montessori Method—observation, individual liberty, and preparation of the environment—lie at the core of our belief.


We believe that our goal should be to provide an environment in which children are able to discover themselves and develop to their fullest potential at an individual pace. Children start learning as early as the moment they are born. The environment that surrounds them plays a pivotal role in contributing to what they assimilate from it as strong observers. The environment, therefore, should be carefully prepared and maintained to cultivate their learning and promote their development. The independence provided to the children to explore and learn at their own pace provides a lasting effect to sharpen their natural tools for growth and learning.


The environment coupled with the appropriate teaching method that focuses on honing the children’s ability to both work alone and in groups, increasing their love of exploration and learning, and enhancing their self-confidence, help inculcate the foundation of good traits such as self discipline, social skills, intellectual growth, problem solving, inner organization, and respect for self as well as others. 

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